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Freeflow Beer at Casablanca


At the beginning of my stay, on a Friday, my friends asked me “Do you like free beers?” “Of course!” I like beers and when it’s free, it’s even better! I was so surprised because you will never find any place offering free beers anywhere in my country.


So they told me to join them for the freeflow at Casablanca, Sanur. But they told me there were some rules I had to follow and the most important of them were:


1. There is a designed place, you shall not go out of this place, no excuses accepted (so you better go to the bathroom before)
2. You shall never look at your phone.


So I went to Casablanca, a really nice bar, at 6pm, time of the beginning of the freeflow and a bartender handled me all the rules (I had to take a picture of it to show you guys, they are quite funny!). But after the freeflow ended as I took the photo on my phone!


I went to the designed place where there were 3 tables, no seats because you have to stand up for the one hour freeflow duration and a little table at the corner where a bartender serves you the beers.


The ambiance is really cool, there’s good music and everybody is very friendly!
What is funny is that you have to follow the rules, otherwise the freeflow stops for everybody (you do not want to be the one to break the rules!), so the people that come quite often are always aware to gently remind the rules to any new people who may not know them.


After the freeflow, so at 7pm (or before if someone break the rules) you can pay a 50k and you get another hour where they refill your cup freeflow style.


I’ve been there several times now and I’m always excited every Friday to take part in it, there are some people that I begin to know well and that I have the pleasure to see every week and I also have the chance to meet new people and of course drink free beer!


Thanks to Melissa for this great blog

You can find most of the Diving Indo team at Casablanca on a Friday, unless of course we have a night dive in Tulamben!