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Bali Culture – Hidden Canyon

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The hidden canyon, Bali


Taking a break from the fabulous Bali diving, you don’t have to go far away from Sanur to take an adventurous land trip, just 20 min away is the hidden canyon. I had the chance to experience it, and it was quite amazing!


I arrived to the place to begin the trip, and I took the “couple package” as I was with a friend. The package included 2 hours visiting the hidden canyon and we also had a guide for ourselves.


We could put our stuff in a locker, but as I had a waterproof bag it was okay to go with it.

The guide provided was nice and he also had a bag with him and before going in the hidden canyon, he suggested to give our flip flops to him, to be sure not to lose them.


After descending some stairs we arrived to the beginning of the canyon. The view was just breathtaking, the water with all those rocks, the tropical vegetation, it was amazing and we were really excited to begin.


The guide gently proposed to carry my phone so he could take the pictures for us, and it was quite a relief because when you do things like that, you have to be careful and aware, with your two hands free.


We had time where we were walking with water up to our waist, sometimes we were climbing on rocks, sometimes we were walking on ropes, it was really adventurous and at one point we were feeling like Indiana Jones!


The landscapes that we had the chance to see were just stunning, only nature, lost in somewhere, really quiet and peaceful.


At the end, we were brought to a little place with benches to sit and we could buy some drinks.


After finishing the drinks, we had to return to the beginning. We walked for 15 min along big beautiful rice fields, the colours were intense.


I would highly recommend this trip, it’s so beautiful! But if you are a bit sensitive with your feet, I recommend to take some waterproof shoes, some of the hidden rocks in the river can be a bit painful if you are not use to bare feet!


Thanks to Melissa for this great blog.  For more Bali Culture trips, check out our Bali land tours