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Save a life! EFR course


I took the Emergency First Response course (EFR course) with Diving Indo, a really important class that I need to do if I want to pass my PADI Rescue Diver course. It’s also a really useful skill in everyday life as it’s not specifically diving related.


I was with another girl for this class and we were welcome in a cosy classroom at the first floor of the office.


Our PADI Instructor Anna explained us the planning of the day, we needed to learn some skills to secure and help a person that is sick or harmed, and will later do some practical exercises.


I already had to take this course 6 years ago to pass my driving license as this is mandatory in Switzerland. But I quickly realised that it was really good to do it again, to remind myself what to do exactly in an emergency situation and to keep up with the new standards.


I learned the first and most important thing to remember is to secure the scene to make sure you’re not putting yourself in danger. Then you follow a set procedure in order to establish the person is breathing before anything else. The next important assessment is arterial bleeding as this can be life threatening. First aid for small cuts and broken bones is secondary to these two things.


I really appreciate taking this EFR course because we had a few laughs along the way and the practice was entertaining, but at the same time we were aware of the importance of what we were learning.


The EFR course is only a one-day course and the qualification last for two years but the knowledge will stay all your life.


Thanks to Mélissa for this great blog, to know more about our EFR course click here.