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My Bali today – Bali rafting and Go-karting

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Staff Day out – Bali Rafting & Go-Karting

Being in the service industry on the holiday island of Bali, there are not many days of the year that we close, Nyepi, New Years Day and staff days out are the days that we lock up for the day.

There are many wonderful activities in Bali and when you live here it’s a shame not to enjoy them, so after a busy high season Diving Indo shut up shop and took the whole Diving Indo team Bali rafting and Go-Karting for the day. A well-deserved break from the hard work all the team put in over the last few months.

The morning was spent Bali rafting some white water rapids on the Ayung river then after a nap (the whole crew nodded off!) in the car the stakes were raised for the go-karting competition which was won by Mario.

A great day out with good food and of course Bintang beer.

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