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My Bali Today – Bali swings

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Bali Swings Ubud


Bali Swings is the most popular swing experience in Bali especially now the world has gone Instagram crazy!

Diving Indo not only offers amazing scuba diving in Bali but also a range of activities and land tours. But before we offer any activity to our guests we have to make sure it meets the Diving Indo high standard of service. So it was a great excuse for a day out for the Diving Indo girls (and Ivo!).

There are many companies offering the swing experience but Bali Swing is the original and it is well set up overlooking a beautiful valley below. In the distance you can see a river and waterfall where they also offer white water rafting and quad biking if you want to make a whole day outing.

If you really want to pose then don a flouncy dress and a floppy hat as it looks great on the photos. But don’t worry if you arrive in shorts and t-shirts, you can always hire a dress from their shop!




Bali Swings takes safety seriously so you are always strapped in and the very friendly helpful staff give you clear instructions. They will also help you get the best photos and videos from your phone.

On the biggest swing you are strapped into a harness and told to keep your legs out straight.  This goes against my childhood swinging day where you had to use your legs for propulsion. I didn’t need to do a thing, just hold on, as the Bali Swing staff push you.

After the initial stomach flipping first push, where you fly out over the valley, the rest of the swinging is very relaxing.




Bali Swing include a meal in their standard package for US$35 and you can choose from a tasty meat or vegetarian option. You can add photography services to this package for an extra charge.

When we were not swinging we were exploring the rest of the park and posing (Kelly practicing Americas Top Model angles!) in hanging baskets, a nest, a ship and there was even a model helicopter. The selfies were going mad!

A great team day out thanks to the staff at Bali Swing.

To book this or other great land tours, contact Diving Indo.

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