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Bali Trash Hero Sanur

A fantastic non profit organization in Sanur is Trash Hero, who help our marine environment by organizing beach clean ups.


Trash Hero Mission:

The Trash Hero mission is to bring communities together to clean and reduce waste. We do this through:


Action and Awareness.

We pick up trash. Whether a cigarette butt on the sand, or 2000 km from an island beach – if we see it, we clean it! And we motivate others to do the same. By spending a few hours together picking up trash, people gain a profound understanding of the consequences of being careless about waste.


We actively engage children through our multilingual kids’ program, connecting environmental values with hands-on experience of the impact that trash has on the local and global environment. Adults also learn experientially, backed up with information and workshops provided by our volunteers.


Sustainable Projects.

We create long-term programs that help communities to remove and better manage their waste, and strategies that will reduce the amount of waste being produced in the future.



We motivate people to become Trash Heroes in their everyday lives. With consistently positive messaging, and a philosophy of “small steps”, we remove the barriers to change. Trash Hero volunteers have gone home to make their own heroic clean-ups around the world.
Trash Hero believes that every one of us can be a Trash Hero. Read more about our projects, and join this global movement today.


Our Programs:

Trash Heros tackles waste in the environment, but also at its source. Our programs are action-based and inclusive, engaging the whole community to clean their environment and reduce their consumption of throwaway plastic.


No Cost. No Sign-Up. Just Show Up.


Less plastic used means less to pick up later.


What’s better than picking up trash? Making sure that it doesn’t end up on a beach (or anywhere else) in the first place!


What’s the idea? The Trash Hero Bottle Refill program provides a sustainable, affordable alternative to single use plastic bottles, with the aim of substantially reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in the environment. The program involves both businesses and consumers, making it a whole community venture.


How does the program work? Trash Hero provides high quality stainless steel water bottles to local businesses at cost price. Local businesses can then sell those bottles to customers with a small profit, and in return they agree to provide anyone with a Trash Hero water bottle, no matter where it was purchased, with free drinking water refills. The more businesses that sign up, the larger the network of refill points, and the more effective the scheme.


Does it work? In Southeast Asia, we have sold 42,200 bottles through more than 200 participating businesses in 2.5 years. We surmise that one bottle sold will “save” an average of 365 plastic bottles (one per day for a year), and therefore estimate that we have prevented waste equivalent to 15.4 million plastic bottles. Our goal is to expand the network to 500 participating businesses in 30 locations worldwide within the next three years, further reducing consumption of single use plastic.


What about the bags? Trash Hero also produces reusable and packable shopping bags, which we make available to businesses at cost. Businesses in turn can then sell them at a minimal mark up to customers, instead of giving them single use plastic bags – another means of tackling waste at the source. To date, we have distributed around 6000 such bags, and our goal is again to expand this to more businesses, preventing the consumption of plastic bags.


What are the benefits of the Bottles & Bags program? The environment benefits because less plastic is consumed and thrown away. Businesses benefit because they have an environmentally responsible product to offer their customers, while still making a profit. And consumers benefit by having an affordable “green” choice available, that will pay for itself after only 10 refills! It’s win, win, win!


If you want to support this great organization then book your tickets to ‘An evening on the Green’ on the 28th of April or visit their facebook page to donate or volunteer.