Macro Diving at The Jetty Padang Bai

Dive Log – The Jetty Padang Bai

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The Jetty Padang Bai

If you are into macro photography or love critters then The Jetty at Padang Bai is the site you must not miss.
Near perfect conditions with practically no current or swell the only thing was the visibility at first was a bit murky, but as you focus on the small stuff your eyes get used to it.
Within the first couple of minutes I had found a couple of slender pipefish, I turned to show my fellow diver and she was pointing at an Octopus, seconds after that I spotted a Mantis shrimp, a great start to the dive!
The Jetty is a haven for puffer, porcupine and box fish, in just this single dive I saw Yellow boxfish, Solor boxfish, white spotted puffer, striped puffer, star puffer, map puffer, crown toby, spotted burrfish, porcupinefish and the oh so cute longhorn cowfish.
Next was a dragonet pointed out by our guide Branko, as I was looking at this I spotted movement in the corner of my eye and it turned out to be the colourful flying gurnard.
Frogfish were on the agenda today with 2 giant black frogfish, 2 smaller 1 brown one orange together and a vibrant yellow solo painted frogfish.
Two pillars up Branko found a Cockatoo Waspfish while another diver found a cuttlefish and I found a couple of unusual Nudibranch, where to look first!
There were loads of scorpion fish camouflaged in the rubble but we had one with its mouth stuffed with fish, so big it was having trouble devouring it and one of the biggest balls of striped catfish I had ever seen.
Not to mention the lionfish, blue spotted stingray, trumpet fish and much much more.  60 minutes of bucket list fun!
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