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Underwater Wedding Bali

Having had many hundreds of dives in all parts of Indonesia, liveaboard owner Kirril and his partner Tanya decided to mark their 22nd trip by tying the knot in an underwater wedding in Bali.
On Friday the 18th of November, the lovebirds were joined by 12 of their snorkelling and diving friends on a trip to Nusa Penida where they enjoyed snorkelling with the majestic manta rays before sailing around to Crystal Bay for the ceremony itself.
As Mario acting as Pastor, suited up in a white shirt over his wetsuit for the occasion and a videographer and photographer, the stage was set for the nuptials.
Donning their scuba gear, Kirril added a white silk bow tie for the occasion and Tanya added a white lace garter, white silk gloves and net veil (we were not sure that it would stay on in current!), looking every inch like a beautiful bride.
The underwater wedding itself was set on the sandy patch at Crystal Bay, needed a firm surface for the vows which were delivered by Mario in the form of cue cards ‘Do you take this’, ‘Man/Woman’, ‘to be your lawfully wedded’, ‘Husband/Wife’, ‘Yes/No/Maybe’.  As expected Tanya took the Yes option and after the ring was placed on her finger they newlyweds kissed, ahhhhh!
You can’t have an underwater wedding in Bali without champagne! Proving it is possible to open a bottle of champagne and drink it underwater!  The Cuban rum cocktails made with local fresh coconut juice on the boat deck after the dives were a little less salty!
We couldn’t tie tin cans to the back of the dive boat, they would muck up the engines so we taped ‘Just Married’ signs to the back of their scuba tanks instead.
So if you fancy an underwater wedding in Bali or doing something unusual on scuba in Bali, contact Diving Indo!