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Dive Log – Nusa Penida – Discover Diving Intro

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Discover Diving Intro at Nusa Penida


I’d never dived before, so after hearing my friend tell me how wonderful it was, I decided to do a Discover Diving Intro with Diving Indo in Nusa Penida. I was a bit stressed, it’s all new things and you never know how you will be underwater, if you will be comfortable or not, but my Instructor Natalia and all the Diving Indo team reassured me easily and encouraged me as well.


At the office, Natalia explained to me very clearly all the instructions about the diving equipment, the safety rules and the course of the trip. I really felt that I was besieged by professionals, respectful of the environment and also of the comfort of the customers. Once we left the Diving center and went to the beach, we didn’t wait quite long until we boarded in the boat to head to the first dive site.


The boat ride was cool, the staff were really funny and really nice, and the landscapes were just breathtaking as we were getting closer to Nusa Penida Island. We went to Crystal Bay for the first dive, an amazing bay with a crystal-clear water. The staff put all the scuba gear on me, and once I was ready, I just needed to jump in the water.


Natalia waited for me to be ready and calm, then we made some exercises to be comfortable with the mask, with the regulator and breathing underwater. Once I felt good with this new feeling, we deflated the BCD (buoyancy control device) and went underwater. It took me a bit of time to be calm and to get used to it, but then I saw the beautiful scenery beside of me, I just let Natalia guide me and the experience begin.


I can’t even describe this amazing feeling to be underwater and dive with all those magnificent creatures!  We even had the chance to see a beautiful turtle swimming. The wonderful reef with all this corals and anemone and all the little fish living there. After 35 amazing minutes we went back in the boat and had a tasty lunch before heading to the next dive site, Manta Point.


We got prepared and jumped in the water again. I already heard about the mantas and how majestic they were, but seeing them for real was such an amazing experience. We dived with them for a while before heading back to the boat. I was excited to share everything with the other people on the boat. We had a good drive back to Sanur on the boat.


What I will remember from my first discover diving experience are amazing pictures underwater, so many different fish species, so many colourful things but also an amazing vibe in the boat with everybody. It was such an incredible experience to be underwater, and to discover the underwater world.


It was really unusual and fascinating, so calm that it makes you forget about the rest, wakes up your curiosity and makes you want to know even more about all those marine creatures. I’m already excited to do another dive and pass my PADI Open Water diver course and would definitely recommend Discover Diving with Diving Indo to whoever wants to live such an incredible experience, with amazing and professionals people!


Thank you to Benoît who sent us this blog. To find out more about our Discover Diving trips check it here.


Thanks to our PADI Instructor Natalia for the amazing underwater pictures and to our guest Kévin for the awesome picture of Nusa Penida island.