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Scuba Diving Trivia – The Ocean

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Scuba Diving Trivia

Want to know more about scuba diving and our oceans?  Or preparing for your next quiz night?  Here are some interesting facts for you:

1. 71 percent of the earth’s surface is covered in water.
2. 90 percent of an iceberg is submerged below the surface.
3. 7 percent of our oceans are covered by ice
4. 97 percent of the earth’s water is contained in its oceans.
5. 1.35bn km2 is the volume of our oceans.
6. The Great Barrier reef (Australia) can be seen from the moon
7. Sound travels 4.3x faster in water than air.
8. 10m of ocean depth has the same mass as the atmosphere
9. 10m below the surface you cannot see red (blood looks green).
10. At 200m light scarcely penetrates water.
11. At 1000m most of the ocean is completely dark.
12. At 30m you can get Nitrogen Narcosis as a diver.
13. Statistically Scuba diving is a safer activity than, driving, sky diving and marathon running.
14. 11,000m is the deepest depth a manned vessel has achieved
15. 332.35m depth is the world record for scuba diving (Egypt)
16. 214m depth is the world record for freediving (Greece)
17. 11km is the deepest known depth at the Marina Trench
18. Only 5 percent of the ocean floor has been mapped
19. 1 percent of the ocean floor is covered by coral reef
20. 25 percent} of marine species live in the coral reefs
21. 6000m is the deepest coral recorded
22. 230,000 marine species exist
23. 8,143m the deepest ever fish (the ghost fish) was recorded
24. 33m is the length of the largest recorded Blue Whale
25. 22,511km is the longest known mammal migration by a Blue Whale

So take care of our precious oceans and marine life, they are incredible.

Source: Dive-In