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Snorkeling in Bali – 6 Tips for the beginner snorkeler

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Snorkeling in Bali

Snorkeling in Bali is an exciting adventure. Learning to breathe for the first time under water is an exhilarating feeling, floating weightlessly as animals larger than you swim underneath and seeing all the colorful corals that are living below the surface of the water is something that dreams are made of. To make your snorkeling trip as comfortable and enjoyable as possible follow these handy hints.

1. Boats.

Choose a reliable company that has a well maintained boat with safety equipment on board such as lifejackets and life rings. If you are prone to seasickness, take a seasickness tablet ½ an hour before boarding the boat.


2. Snorkeling Equipment.

Choose a mask that feels comfortable, it doest have to be tight, in fact if it is too tight it will cause water to leak in. The best way to find a mask that fits is to place it against your face without the strap and breathe in through your nose, if it sticks, it fits. For the snorkel choose one with a purge valve, so the water automatically drains out. To stop your mask from fogging, spit in it or use baby shampoo.


3. Snorkeling Techniques.

First make sure that all your hair is out of the mask and the mask strap is positioned in the middle of your head above your ears. The snorkel should be clipped on to your mask strap. Put the tip of your tongue into the mouthpiece of the snorkel, this will allow you to breath over any residual water caught there. If you do get water in your snorkel then use your breath to blow out the water, this is known as blast clearing.
When swimming, place your hands behind your back and keep your legs fairly straight, this will push your lower half of your body down slightly allowing the fins to move in the water with less effort. Finally keep your eyes at water level, if you put your head down too much, water will come in from the top of your snorkel.


4. Sun Protection

When snorkeling in Bali, the sun is hot! You need to make sure you are well hydrated and are wearing proper sunscreen, preferably one that is eco-friendly or biodegradable. Apply often as the thin layer of water on your back dries quickly leaving salt crystals that act like glass, intensifying the sun. If you can, wear a rash vest or a sharkskin for protection.


5. Get your Camera Ready

Many cameras are now waterproof or have waterproof casings such as Go-Pros, you can also buy waterproof pouches for I-Phones and tablets. Make sure all the seals are clean and sealed as you don’t want it to flood. Also make sure that your batteries are charged and you know which button to press! You don’t want to be snorkeling in Bali and miss the magical moment when a manta swims underneath you.


6. Be good to the environment

Be sure not to touch the animals, as safety for them and you, and remember not to stand on the coral reef as it is living too, watch where your fins are. Do not feed the marine life as the food we eat such as bread and bananas is not natural food for a marine creature and can be harmful to it. Always take all your rubbish home with you, don’t throw anything in the sea.

Lastly have a great time. To find out more about snorkeling in Bali with Diving Indo and our fantastic locations click here.