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The Big Corner Garden

  |   Bali Culture


Just went to the big corner garden in Sanur, Bali! It was just a wonderful time. I wanted to take a break from the fabulous Bali scuba diving, to rest in a peaceful place and I definitely find the perfect place in the big corner garden.


Big Corner Garden a great place to chill!


The entry is only costing 50’000 IDR and I got a free bottle of water inside in exchange of my entry ticket.


During the weekend, a lot of couples come to this place to take their wedding pictures, all dressed in typical Balinese dress.


Full of art and sculptures


I found so many amazing things, sculptures, pieces of art, many places to get some chill time and beautiful restaurant to eat something!


This place is so peaceful and full of love, with quiet music, it’s easy to zone out.


What marvelled me the most was the perfect harmony between old sculptures, like buddhas and other Hindu figures, and modern art.


You have plenty of exotic plants, they even make art out of it!


I took the time to visit all of this place, there were so many things to see, I wanted to be sure not to miss anything, and took a thousands pictures, with the beautiful weather, and I’m pretty proud of the result.


Great recycled art


One of the most impressive pieces of art is the one you find at the beginning, an adult elephant following by two babies.  What is amazing about it is that they are made of all the empty drink cans that were consumed by the customers of the big corner garden, which is a lot when you see how big the sculptures are. A great way to recycle.


Around every corner, you can spot so many colourful and unusual pieces, like “still people” that take pictures of you, read the newspaper, or at one point you even have a dome made of umbrellas and a tree decorated with red love hearts.


The big corner garden is a really unusual thing to do in Sanur and it’s a must see for me!


Thank you to Mélissa for this great blog.


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