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Earth Day underwater clean up, Bali


Today is Earth Day and P3B (Perkumpulan Penyelam Profesional Bali), a voluntary organisation of Dive Guides throughout Bali, asked Diving Indo to donate one of our boats for the morning for an underwater clean up, so we did and sent Divemaster Trainee Bobby and PADI Instructor Natalia along to help.


The underwater clean up was organized at the initiative of the ministry of Marine Affairs of Denpasar and P3B on the occasion Earth Day and involved over 30 local organisations involved with scuba diving in Bali. These two organisations organise an underwater clean up every 3 months.


The underwater clean up yielded a lot of trash from plastic bottles, anchors, plastic bags, fishing line and nets, shoes and clothing (including underwear!).


Unfortunately trash is a problem throughout Asia not only here in Bali, so an underwater clean up just goes a little way to help, but if you think about your own plastic imprint (plastic being one of the biggest threats to marine life) and try and reduce it by carrying your own recycled shopping bags, refill your water bottle and ask for paper containers instead of plastic, you can help the environment every day. Other great suggestions can be found on the Earth Day website


A great initiative by P3B and the and ministry of Marine Affairs, we were glad to help, well done to all that took part.


Start with 1 thing!


PS: This is why Diving Indo do not offer PADI Open Water Courses or fun diving in Sanur.  Photo thanks to Natalia of trash hero Bobby