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Why Everyone Should Go Snorkeling in Bali

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The Indonesian Archipelago comprises of over 17,000 islands and here in Bali we are fortunate enough to be positioned among the best snorkeling sites on what is known as “the Island of the Gods”. Snorkeling in Bali is an experience like no other – imagine crystal clear waters, giant manta rays, stunning coral reefs and even a real life ship wreck all to be explored.
Here at Diving Indo we are as enthusiastic about snorkelers as we are about divers and recognise that snorkeling is a growing sport and pass time and there is no better place to snorkel or learn to snorkel than on Bali’s phenomenal reefs.

You get a snorkeling guide

Are you new to snorkeling? Not a problem, we can show you the basics and we provide equipment if you don’t already have your own and you’ll be accompanied by one of our professional snorkeling guides to ensure you get the most from your experience and feel confident from start to finish.

Snorkeling is suitable for all ages

Snorkeling is a great way to see the reef and marine life without having to use cumbersome equipment. It’s suitable for all ages and it’s also a great way of staying fit. That doesn’t mean that it has to be a work out though as around Bali we have easy and calm conditions that allow you to swim around gently and explore and experience this magnificent area.
You’ll be kitted out with a mask and snorkel which allows for easy breathing and clearing and you’ll be given fins which make every kick of your legs much more effective – you’ll be able to move efficiently in the water without too much effort. If you’d like to wear a wetsuit to protect you from the sun and keep you that bit warmer, we can do that too!
If you’re anxious about water depth, you don’t need to be. There are a multitude of shallow water coral gardens which you can explore without fear of drifting into the blue. When snorkeling in Tulamben we simply walk off the beach and the USAT Liberty shipwreck is visible from just a few meters underwater.
If you are already an experienced snorkeler you’ll be amazed by the healthy vibrant corals and guaranteed to see something new.

Where we go

As well as snorkeling the WWII shipwreck in Tulamben our other favourite spots include Padang Bai and the famous Blue Lagoon and of course Nusa Penida.

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Go snorkeling in Bali with Turles at Padang Bai

Padang Bai is well known for it’s stunning, shallow reef coral gardens so you’ll have the chance to see the corals and marine life up close. Look out for the anemones and their clusters of brightly coloured anemone fish. You’ll also be amazed by the schools of damsel fish which inhabit the shallows and you may even spot spotted sting rays on the sandy patches and hawksbill turtles are always a highlight.
Nusa Penida is around a 30 minute speedboat ride away from our centre and it is here that you will have the chance to snorkel with one of the most majestic of all marine species – the manta ray. These incredible rays can grow up to 5 meters across and they can be incredibly curious about snorkelers and divers so don’t be alarmed if they pass close by. These amazing rays are plankton feeders, they are completely harmless and do not have a stinging tail. We ask that you do not chase them or touch them because their skin is protected by a mucus coating which protects them from infections. Our Snorkeling Guides will give you a briefing on the boat before you enter the water so that you understand how to passively observe them and have awesome interactions without interfering with their natural behaviour.

You are in safe hands

Safety is of paramount importance to us at Diving Indo and on all of our snorkeling expeditions and trips you’ll find that not only are you being looked after by our team of professionally trained staff but we also carry safety equipment and have well-honed safety procedures as well as extensive first aid kits on board our boats.
All snorkeling tours include:
• Use of all snorkeling equipment including wetsuit
• Transfer to/from all dive sites from your resort in our AC minivan
• All land and sea transport
• Towel
• 2-3 snorkeling sites
• Mineral water
• Lunch
• Insurance

Combine snorkelling with a BBQ

Do you want to organise something that little bit extra special? Why not select our Nusa Penida Manta Ray and Beach Barbecue Option?
Our BBQ Cruise visits Manta Point on Nusa Penida for a chance to snorkel with the majestic manta rays. Then you can enjoy a BBQ lunch on the white sandy beach at Crystal Bay, finishing the experience with drift snorkeling over the pristine coral reefs.
All BBQ Tours include
• Use of all snorkeling equipment and wetsuit
• Transfer to/from all dive sites from your resort in our AC minivan
• All land and sea transport
• Towel
• Beach visit
• Mineral water
• Lunch served on the beach in Crystal Bay.
• Insurance

When to go snorkeling?

Are you trying to decide when to visit us? Bali offers idyllic snorkeling conditions all year round so you don’t need to worry about seasonality. Decide the best dates for your trip and we’ll be able to accommodate you. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and reserve your place to snorkel Bali’s best snorkeling sites with Diving Indo!
We look forward to exploring Bali underwater with you soon!